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Smith and Loveless has a 70+ year history serving the water industry with the most efficient grit removal systems over the entire flow range of the plant. These high removal efficiencies originate from the PISTA® Grit Chamber’s unparalleled hydraulic design, including its flat chamber floor, patented  and low-energy axial-flow propeller


Ruhrpumpen is a global leader in the manufacturing of nearly every style of fluid handling centrifugal pump on the market.  From end suction and split case pumps to vertical turbines all of Ruhrpumpen's products are designed to be efficient and robust. Use our pump selection software below to chose the most efficient solution for your system

Pump Selection Tool

Headworks International

Headworks Inc. offers a wide range of screening equipment for municipal and industrial applications. Our bar screens have a reputation on reliability in the industry and are built to withstand extreme conditions.  Their IFAS and MBBR processes improve reliability, simplify operation, and require less space than traditional wastewater treatment systems


Enaqua offers a uniquely innovative approach to UV disinfection through a non-contact design that allows the UV lamps and ballasts to run in a dry atmosphere while the treated effluent is run through AFP tubes.  This design greatly reduces electrical consumption, O&M costs and large layouts that hinder traditional contact UV systems.


Pureflow Filtration Div. specializes in the removal of heavy metals, radionuclides, sulfides, and organics from drinking water supplies, industrial water sources, and process streams.  With flow rates from 20 gpm to 10,000 gpm, Pureflow has designed and manufactured hundreds of treatment systems throughout treatment systems throughout the world.  

Blue In Green

Winner of the WEFTEC Innovative Technology Award, the SDOX, HyDOZ and CDOX systems utilize a pressurized process to rapidly and efficiently dissolve oxygen, Ozone and CO2 respectively in a sidestream, offering multiple benefits in municipal, industrial and ecological water treatment. Check out this video explaining how the system works

Ross Valve

Founded in 1879, Ross makes a full line water and wastewater control valves designed to last. Built in Troy, NY Ross specializes in piston and diaphragm style control valves for water and wastewater pressure reducing/surge control applications as well as HDPE Flapper Valves, Cone Valves and Ball Valves.  With a host of engineering and service support team, let us know how we can solve your control valve needs

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Desalitech specializes in the design, development, fabrication, and supply of water treatment solutions.  Their core CCRO technology increases recovery rate 20%+ from traditional RO systems while still having the operating flexibility to run at lower recovery rates and save drastic amounts of O&M cost from increased cleaning intervals, extended membrane life, etc as well as retrofits to existing RO systems

Atara Conveyors

Atara provides industry leading design reccomendations on shafless and shafted conveyance systems as well as expert onsite evaluation of existing conveyor designs.  Their engineering team has over 35 years of experience in the industry and provides custom drawings for every application.With all the manufacturing done internally, they have some of the quickest response times in the market.

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Our thin film drying technology offers the lowest energy usage and O&M of any dryer on the market. The system offers advantages of process adaptability to any sludge dryness with minor adjustments and quick.  We require no backmixing, maintenance intensive extruders or expensive internal screw heat exchangers.  Our simple design not only lowers O&M significantly but allows for easily replaceable field maintenance parts to reduce down time. Check out the system in operation

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Fully-submerged vertical disks with outside-in flow enables increased flow rates, high solids loading, and small footprint.  Static operation requiring power only for backwash minimizes maintenance and electrical costs.  Beacon selects from three GDisk® pile cloth nominal filtration ratings according to the influent characteristics and effluent requirements. Manageable, reasonably-sized disk segments provide for ease of replacement.

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MemPulse® MBR from Evoqua is a unique wastewater treatment process that combines an activated sludge biological treatment process with an innovative monolithic hollow fiber membrane filtration system.  Ther result is a reduction in energy costs by up to 40% over conventional MBR processes, Lower operation and maintenance costs and dependable automated process performance


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Landia believes that mixers were not made to be throw away items and have robustly designed their submersible mixers to be easily maintained in the field and last the life of the plant with proper service.

Their chopper pump design matches that focus and offers an easily serviceable design with low O&M costs using separate cutter blades instead of the impeller as a wear item. We also offer a great solution to FOG reduction in lift stations. Take a look at the results 

Premier Flow

Premier Flow's high level of quality on their UL QCZJ listed packaged pump stations paired with the technical expertise of Marvin Yoder throughout the process and local customer service shops separate Premier

Flow in the market.  Improved speed to market of 4 weeks ARO for each custom built system and submittal lead times of 1-2 weeks with full system drawings set the bar above others in the marketplace.  Built and Tested in Tulsa, OK.


Centrisys Corporation is a U.S.A. manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges and sludge thickeners and also provides global service, repair and parts for all centrifuge brands. CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids, a division of Centrisys, designs and supplies nutrient recovery and biosolids treatment optimization systems.  As biosolids experts because we have the most comprehensive understanding of real-life treatment from our equipment and processes.


Putzmeister builds some of the most robust piston pumps in the market.  Based around their revolutionary S-tube design, these pumps can handle the highest solids content and passing size in the market while maintaining reiable pumping performance by eliminating the use of valves or any other moving parts in the pumpage flow

Orthos Liquid Systems

Since 1978, Orthos continues to be the leading nozzle/strainer manufacturer for packaged water and wastewater treatment filters, pressure vessels, IX columns, & tank internals.  With the most nozzle selections of any manufacturer, we optimize each installation based on its application and flow to deliver the most efficient filtration in the market.  Our latest design allows you to retrofit existing filter underdrain systems with shorter plenum depths.  See for yourself how simple a retrofit can be


Chart Water utilitizes a vacuum insulated tank construction to provide the most efficient gas storage system on the market.  Whether your looking to prevent iced over lines or costly blowoffs of product, Chart tanks provide reliable cryogenic storage for CO2, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc. Since their tank construction maintains its R value over the life of the system, we size them often without refrigeration and regularly get 40+ years life out of them. Made in the USA

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More Manufacturers Coming Soon

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